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October 08, 2018

Persona Elements to Consider when Marketing Medical Tourism

Most health tourism and medical travel marketers have no idea how to develop buyer personas. If they did, they would stop assuming the entire world will be ready to beat a path to their destination or clinic door. When the buyer persona component is either missing or completed incorrectly for the majority of enterprises, the result is low or no-traction for the seller...Read More

October 07, 2018

Health Tourism Provider Qualification and Compliance

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Medical and dental tourism facilitators and care coordinators must develop and execute and continually monitor and improve sourcing policies that define the minimum standards each type of supplier is expected to meet and comply with in order to qualify as an approved supplier. The standards they integrate should include social, ethical and environmental principles. The basic sourcing principles of licensure, training, credentials, privileges, experience, and capacity are generally supplemented by other requirements such as destination security and attractiveness...Read More

October 06, 2018

Checklist for Surgical Services Site Inspection and Interview

Many health tourism coordinators and facilitators lack any medical background whatsoever. Others have clinical experience but have never worked in the operating theater and have had no reason to learn these nuance protocols. Maria Todd offers coaching and one-on-one training for new facilitators, and this is one of the checklists she shares with them prior to accompanying them on site inspections to teach them how to qualify a hospital, clinic...Read More