Do you want to host your own medical tourism facilitator web-based solution ?

MEDICAL TOURISM FACILITATORS (medFacilitatortm Licenced Software)

Facilitating a medical tourism destination has almost unlimited daily tasks – travel and accommodation, booking facilities, content management, contacting partners, overseeing and translating medical reports, arranging activities, transferring communiqués, orchestrating all partners, securing quality, reputability and reliability of international facilities and securing highest standards, following HIPPA regulations at any stage.


Higowell’s medFacilitatortm is designed to support you in all your tasks with a single application, quick and easy to install, intuitive to handle and customizable to your needs.

Key benefits:

  • Medical tourism facilitators can display all of their current offers with effective graphical content

  • SEO optimization techniques enabled to have competent edge in the market

  • Patients can share their health records in a secured way with the medical tourism facilitator

  • Medical tourism facilitator can collect the payments from the patients using different web based payment methods

  • Medical tourism facilitator can add different types of service providers as business partners and communicate with them directly through the back-end

  • Medical tourism facilitator can handle all appointment requests with an easy to use interface

  • Patients will be notified about their whole medical tourism trip itinerary upfront

  • Medical tourism facilitator can leverage on the positive patient experiences written on the website

You know the needs we have the tools!